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Bbq Catering Near Me

Bbq Catering Near Me: Southern Drawl BBQ

If you're searching for "bbq catering near me," then you're going to be more than pleased with the results of your search. If there's one thing we know at Southern Drawl BBQ, it's barbecue. You can count on genuine Southern hospitality too. Plus, if you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, Southern Drawl BBQ can drop it off, set it up, or fully staff an event with bbq catering.
Typically, when someone searches, "bbq catering near me," they either want barbecue for a wedding, birthday, or another catered event with family and friends. Alternatively, you could be searching "bbq catering near me," because you're planning a corporate function or company picnic.
No matter the reason you're searching for "barbecue," you've hit the jackpot.
The side dishes alone are worth checking out when you're looking into barbecue at Southern Drawl BBQ. Not only that, but you can also expect to get made-from-scratch scratch rubs, sauces, and desserts from this hometown barbecue catering establishment, where Southern hospitality rules.
Of course, there are main dishes of Smoked Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chicken Leg Quarters, Smoked Sausage, and Pork Ribs to choose from—not to mention the delicious desserts that will make them wish they'd left room for more. Who wouldn't want homemade berry, peach, or apple cobbler—or a big bowl of good old Southern-style banana pudding?
Southern Drawl BBQ is a full-service barbecue catering company offering everything you need for your company picnic, corporate lunch catering, banquet, family reunion, neighborhood block party, or even your wedding. They make the process of ordering quick and easy, so you can sit back and enjoy a great barbecue.
If you're searching for "bbq catering near me," in the Dallas-Fortworth Metro area, Southern Drawl BBQ can drop it off, set it up, or fully staff an event. Contact them today to get the best barbecue catering in town.

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